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December 9, 2013


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"Ladies and gentleman, please find your seats! You are here to witness the telling of one tragic tale! I hope that you have brought something to wipe those tears away!"

The sound of slicing flesh rang throughout the room, followed by the sound of a collapse. An outline of a black shadow stood upon the curtains of the stage. It appeared to be the shadow of a man. A moment later, it seemed to be smiling.

"Thank you, that's enough. Please, I said enough clapping!" he chuckled as the room stood silent.

"Allow me to introduce myself. I am called Lasas."

The man then stepped out from behind the curtains. Yellow eyes glimmered from his face and the spotlight glared off his shiny head. A crimson cloak hung off of his tall figure, his left arm curled around a wooden staff. He beamed at the sight of the audience.

"Did you come here and expect to see one of the greatest of the tragic performances?" the man yelled. "Well, fortunately, I am here to tell you that there has been a slight change in plans!" His freakish smile curved even further.

"I now offer a much more extravagant tale! Allow me to delight you with the comedic tale that I call my life! Trust me when I say that you will never have seen so much strife!" he chortled as he began to slowly pace around the stage.

"Imagine the most magnificent of castles your mind can picture. Now see, there, into its throne room and imagine a jester as he attempts to jump through a ring of fire. Upon the throne sits a certain king......"

With a pause, Lasas banged his staff upon the stage. The glare of red flames reflected off the whites of all the eyes in the room, except for Lasas who smirked at the sight of the dazed audience.

Soon, all the colors of the theater room disappeared and were replaced by an endless white. Yet, a moment after the white appeared, a new image appeared. The sight of a stone throne room came into view.

Upon the throne sat a king, clad in armor. A helmet laid next to his throne, and in the middle of the room there stood a ring of fire with a man standing next to the ring – it was the very same man that had been standing upon the stage.

"Prepare now, your majesty! I will attempt to do a back flip through this circle of fire!" shouted Lasas.

"Please. Hurry with your attempt clown," the King groaned. "I haven't got all day. These are supposed to be my relaxing hours...yet I have to deal with this Lasas fool"

"Watch now, your majesty!" he replied loudly.

Lasas took two steps forward and sprang backwards into the air. With three mid-air flips he landed upon the other side of the fire.

"How was that, my liege?" he smiled at the king.

"That was worthless you fool. Why do I let you waste my time with your foolish attempts to be entertaining?" he screamed at Lasas. "You know what? I know a way you can be MUCH more entertaining! Guards, time for some fun!"

"Wait a second, your royal highness, I can be more entertaining..." Lasas sputtered.

"Get ready. Mr. Lasas is about to have a fun time!" the king said in a voice mocking Lasas. Two men ran into the throne room and threw Lasas onto the ground.

The two guards held a struggling Lasas to the ground as the King stood up from his throne and he unsheathed his sword from his belt.

"You know...This is what I call high-court entertainment!" he chuckled as stepped in front of a struggling Lasas.

"Don't do this!! I can be more entertaining, I promise!" Lasas screamed.

"Don't worry. I promise this will hurt a lot, and you will be more entertaining," the king laughed. "You won't break any promises, that I can assure you."

The king shoved his sword into the middle of Lasas's chest and pushed the sword down to his lower chest. Removing the sword, he then stuck his hands into the middle of the cut and pushed open his ribs as Lasas screamed in pain. At the sight of his beating heart, Lasas screamed even louder. Soon, Lasas's screams were replaced by his empty eyes, which stared up at the king.

"Guards, be careful now, we don't want this birdie to fly away, do we?" the king chuckled.

The scene turned to a dark black and shifted into a dark cavern. The cavern was so large, that the top could not even be seen. Two men clad in dark robes sat in front of a fire close to the middle of the cavern.

"What do we do, Alsa? Vanth has been killed. Our creed has always stated that there must always be three in the Sealed Kingdom. Vanth's death cannot go in vain. We must seek revenge upon on our enemy," one of the men asked aloud.

"Akvan. Do not worry about them. We cannot control the actions of the other things. I feel we must awaken our master, he must be aware of what has happened over the last one-thousand years."

"No, Alsa, we cannot do that. He has not regained his strength yet! If we awaken him long would that further delay his healing? We cannot do that."

"Perhaps...if just for a, you are correct. I shall look once more into the fire to see if there is even one worthy candidate."

Alsa stood up and his green eyes stared directly into the fire. They were looking, searching for someone, just to find the one right person.

"Wait...Akvan. Look here."

Akvan stood up and stared into the fire and he blinked at the sight.

"That man. The jester. He's perfect. Alsa, I will go to him now, before it is too late."

The scene shifted from the dark cavern back to the endless white. Akvan stood somewhere in the white and soon Lasas materialized next to him.

"You. What is your name clown?" Akvan asked.

"Lasas. Am I dead?" Lasas answered.

"No, not yet. You have still have a chance to live, that is if you will help us."

"What do I need to do?" Lasas replied.

"You will be allowed to live on the condition, that you join us within the Sealed Kingdom. That is, if you perform for us, a certain task. To prove that you are worthy of our cause."

"Tell me what is that I have to do. My life may not have been anything special, but it was my own life and unjustly taken from me," Lasas answered in a dark tone.

"Return to your life and kill the mockery of a king who attempted to end your life. Do this in the most fitting manner you should see fit, clown," Akvan responded. "Do this act and we will bring you to live within the Sealed Kingdomm, where we will continue to observe the world."

"I have never even once killed a life and my goals have always been to entertain people. How can you expect me to just snap and kill the king?" Lasas asked.

"It does not matter. Because you will do your job, jester," Akvan said. "You will join us within the Sealed Kingdom whether or not you wish to be a part of it. You can join as my subordinate or become a slave of our kingdom." With the raise of a finger, a staff appeared in Akvan's right hand.

"I am dead, and you choose to raise me against my own choice. Further, you intend to use me in this place called the Sealed Kingdom? Who or what are you and who gave you the right?" Lasas retorted with anger.

"You are a fool, clown. There are forces in this world that you cannot even begin to fathom. Those whom you call make-believe Gods do exist, and there are forces even greater than them," Akvan fumed. "My master could destroy you without even looking at you, with nothing more than a single thought. You will join us whether or not you are willing to."

Akvan then turned and hit Lasas in the middle of his chest with the staff. Black lightening surrounded Lasas's body and he screamed as it began to envelop him. Several seconds later, the black cloud dissipated around Lasas and Akvan was gone. Lasas was smiling and the staff that Akvan was holding was in his hands.

The scene then shifted from the white back to the throne room with its ring of fire still burning.

Lasas's cold body still laid on the floor, but something slowly began to change. His heart began to beat, slowly, tick-by-tick. His ribs snapped back into place and he stood up in a jolt. He curled the staff around his left arm. A smile appeared upon his face.

"Well, hello my liege. Its nothing, but delightful to see you so soon again," Lasas cackled.

"What? What trick is this? You are supposed to be nothing more than a dead bird! This entertainment is priceless. I must make you my permanent entertainer," the King snickered at Lasas. "Guards! At once!"

The guards then charged into the room and with the wave of a staff, they were thrown into the ring of fire. Lasas then pointed the staff at them.

"Explode," he said. The two guards exploded into a bloody mess, and Lasas smiled again.

"What kind of trick is this?" the King sputtered out. He unsheathed his sword.

"You know, your royal highness, my liege, whatever your bloody name is, I wouldn't be too reckless if I were you," Lasas grinned.

The king then swung his sword at the sight of Lasas and his staff. In response, Lasas lazily moved one finger at the King. The sword which was swinging towards Lasas, stopped in the middle of its motion and swung back. It stabbed the king directly in the chest, and impaled him into the ground.

"Don't worry. I'm sure someone will find you soon! Once they do, you will be dead, my liege. But like I said don't worry, because you'll be alive for now!" Lasas laughed and then hit his staff onto the ground. He faded into the air around him, only leaving blood and an impaled king.

The scene then returned back to the theater.

"Wasn't that just a delightful story? One that seemed so real? One YOU may never forget?" Lasas shouted at the audience, his smile still upon his face.

The audience stood up in their seats and began to applaud the story Lasas had shown them. Cheers rang out throughout the theater.



"More! More!" the audience yelled.

"Thank you! Thank you! Now its time for my final act!" Lasas yelled. His smile had vanished.

He hit the staff once more upon the stage. The applause and cheers came to a sudden stop. Every single one of the audience members had fallen back into their seats. Blood could be seen dripping down from each and every one of their closed eyes.

"Don't worry. There will be another story soon. I promise." Lasas smiled. He then vanished just as he had in the throne room.

Silence was all that could be heard in the theater. One of the audience members had stood up and began to walk up the aisles to exit the theater. A necklace of leaves swayed upon his neck and the glare of his golden eyes reflected off upon pools of crimson blood.

"Tempora mutantur. Times are changing, Lasas," he muttered. He then vanished just as Lasas had.

Silence returned to the quiet theater room.

In illis tempus
Say hello to my character Lasas. He's been in two of the Introductions tales so far and a couple of other works, so I felt like it was time to give him a proper "intro" so-to-speak. He's such a fun character to write about, kind of reminds me of the joker or some murderous clown. Its the delightful part, really. 

Any questions, please feel free to ask. Please note that this series is a work-in-progress and I'm writing it as I go. It doesn't have a specific direction I want go, as I am mainly using it to express my ideas and create a sort-of universe.

Any comments regarding any errors within the story are appreciated as I am still learning to write this kind of story.  

Thank you as always for reading these stories!!

Next time, I will introduce the character known as Duncan.

UPDATE: I changed a few small things up based off some of the feedback I have received on the story. Lasas seemed way too willing to join the Sealed Kingdom. Also, someone's eyes can't smirk! Thanks for the help!!


P.S. Be warned there is blood in this story!! 
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"The detail provided in this piece, Introductions V: Lasas by tuiskulumi, was amazing, is amazing. He did such a wonderful job of keeping me hooked on the story line with the overall details, character development (in such a short time), and imagery. " ( Suggested by ieatrosepetals and Featured by IrrevocableFate )
Potat-Stache Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
it's like Cicero if he'd just quiet down and someone gave him magic. O_O BRAVO.
tuiskulumi Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2014
You know I actually played Skyrim after I wrote this and I really couldn't help but notice those similarities. Except, I would give him a different voice! Thank you! :D 
Potat-Stache Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I had a much deeper sinister voice in mind when I was reading the parts where Lasas was talking.
Your welcome! Your doing a great job=D
tuiskulumi Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2014
He's very sinister that is for sure. I hear a very pronounced accent, not quite modern English...but that kind of Victorian English type of accent. I don't know! Maybe I'll make a narration of the story. That would be interesting. 

I like your name by the way, where did you come up with it? 
Potat-Stache Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oooh, that fits much more then my thought. I would love to listen to it on a narraction!

Oh thank you=D Potat is because I like potatoes and Stache is because I like mustachesXD I randomly came up with it because I was thinking about stuff I liked, but didn't like my last username=D
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I wonder if I could come up with a decent sounding voice narration of it. I don't know! I would be doing it myself...which is probably the best. 

I really like it. The words flow together really nicely. Mustaches are nice too! :D 
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I have no idea what you sound likeXD But I bet you would do the best, due to it being your character.

Thank you! Your the only one to have said that=D
tuiskulumi Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2014
Deep voice. Too deep! I don't know, it might sound weird! :D 

I was reading it weird maybe hahahaha
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